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Friday, May 22, 2015

How the hell did I get here?!

Mose,,,he kills me. 
I can't lie..
This site is for ,,well, for me. To talk, to rant maybe, to put it all down.
Life is ridiculous as a 50-something girl. Yes, I said girl...I'm comfortable with that.
Sometimes I say woman.
Sometimes I say chica.
Sometimes I say goddess.
It all works.

 I have a busy and fun life. I live in a quintessential small New England town where I know lots of people and can take my dog into the shop to buy the paper.
I have grown sons that I adore and 2 grand daughters who are a delight.
I have a dog that, well, im embarrassingly attached to. For real.
And a cat who is attached to me like a tick when I am home.
I have amazing friends.
I have a job which, though draining at times, is satisfying and rewarding.
All of these things and more comes into play in my big messy life.

But..... I am not dating.
No man.
Which, in and of itself is not the end of the world.
But in the evenings, when its quiet and everyone else is busy, I get bored.
And Lonely ( OH NO!! The other "L" word!!)
So......I use dating web sites to try and connect.
It is frequently the subject of BIG hilarity among Team Swannygirl.

So I will be writing about that. I guess it's my coping mechanism.
But this blog is about other elements of the 50-something single girl's life as well..
 Such as?
 Oh gosh,,,,I dont know,,,,,
The occasional minefield of parenting adult children?
What passes for drama when living in a small New England village?
Dealing with your bio family when your family is dysfunctional?
How to stay sane as an In-home Human Service worker?

So climb on dear reader,,,,,Your job is to help me laugh. You in?

S'all good.



  1. Replies
    1. so what is my problem

    2. I think my problem might be obvious.

  2. No Problem dear Anon,,,you are exactly perfect the way you are!

  3. I am "in" and "on." Yeehaw - you go Swannygirl!

  4. Ooh,you figured out comments all on your own. You go, SwannyGirl! (Chris Halvorson here.)

    1. well i did for the most part but many of my friends cant comment unless its anonymous? Do they have to have a google account?